ARE and the Blockchain Philosophy

The adoption of Blockchain technology is not simply a temporary trend or fashion, but a firm and continuous shift towards a new paradigm: an easier, quicker and more transparent financial world based on mathematics, economics and computer science. This adoption leads to new possibilities including the development of tokens: units of value that exist on a blockchain and can represent anything (e.g. a digital currency, a right to access a service, ownership of a tangible or intangible asset, etc.). Tokens offer multiple benefits including the capability to program value. Thanks to this possibility, we now have the ability to design new economic incentives that do not exist in conventional finance: the AUREI Project.

ARE a disruptive token by design

Far from resting on what has been done so far in the crypto ecosystem, our team wants to push the limits: our goal is to develop via the AUREI Project a new economic token model. The AREs are disruptive cryptographic tokens by design, coded to maximize the alignment of interests of developers and investors through the implementation of an original and innovative mechanism based on economic incentives. We believe this mechanism is unparalleled in other crypto projects and in the financial sector in general. 

To ensure the integrity of this mechanism, terms and conditions will be directly hard coded inside the AUREI’s smart contract and safe-guards will be set up to prevent any and all deviation from this aim.

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